4, ఏప్రిల్ 2012, బుధవారం

कब COUP और कहा!


For the first Time I felt like writing in English, after having heard/seen a very lively discussion in Times Now News channel a few minutes back.

Thank God!  I do not read English News Papers and being quite down to earth, am content with  reading only a Telugu News Paper which has a hobby of twisting their headlines to make them rhythmic, while doing so even if the headline loses its intended meaning.  I also have a fair diet of English TV news channels to quench my thirst for news of current events. But today the readers of one particular news paper-Indian Express-just wondered whether 4th of April also is a All Fools Day which three days back entire world celebrated laughing at the pranks of the young on 1st April. See the headlines in that news paper in their web site as shown in the above screen shots.

Just now as written above, I watched with great interest and enjoying the Wodehousian  comedy  played out in Times Now News Channel. One of the Panelist suggested a wonderful title for the fiasco of reports in a section of Press (of all the papers in Indian Express) hinting that a coup attempt might have been made sometime during January, 2012. He suggested that if this entire episode is made into a Tollywood Movie, the title should be कब COUP और कहा!

It's really very apt and shows how sad things are. Just to settle petty personal scores,  people can stoop to any level even to cast aspersions on a great institution like Indian Army.  But for our Army,  India would have disintegrated long long back and would have been shared between our enemies like China and Pakistan.

I have the greatest admiration for Indian Army and I am just pained to see that even media has become part of the maligning campaign, once again proving that they are many times hand in glove with politicians in perpetrating wholesale diversionary tactics to hide the most obvious from the common people, in the process,  diluting the journalistic standards  to any level without any qualms of conscience,  if any. 

Really talking about conscience, once Mark Twain said, (words to that effect), "why this conscience is not visible, like any dog or any such thing......I would have strangled it to death". 

Exactly,  strangling the conscience to death was already done by many many many types of people in India much to the dismay of the great nation called India. Apparently diversionary tactics,  but while such cheap tactics are played, great Institutions like Army should not be maligned.

What a ridiculous press report hinting that a mere column of less than 2000 people were moving towards New Delhi could be a part of a Coup attempt. Just 2000! Whether there was dearth of military presence in Delhi and its surrounding areas if Military really wanted to do such a heinous act,  which everybody in our Country know that our Army is not capable of as,  after all they are not politicians. Should some 2000 strong contingent has to be brought to do that. What a poisonous story put into circulation by the section of media in not even an amateurish fashion but in a more condemnable fashion.  

When an online survey was called for by Hindustan Times, the response was as follows:

There is a proverb in Sanskrit अति सर्वत्रा वर्जियेत (I hope I wrote it correctly) which means overdoing anything should be avoided. Media in its mania for scoops and thereby getting more advertisement income,  has once again fallen prey for the manipulative reporting of events.  Suppose, just for a moment suppose the masses of population in India vexed with the Politicians want Indian Army to take over the Country and rule them for some time(as 32% people appear to be-not knowing 32% = how many people as media never reveals how many responded to their so called surveys), where all these Politicians and pliable media persons would be!

Let's respect our  Institutions like Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Judiciary, Indian Railways, Indian Post Office, Reserve Bank and the like many more great Institutions which India is proud of. Let's not drag these great institutions and the likes into Politics to settle scores.

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  1. Absolutely...

    Compared to the armed forces of our volatile neighbors, truly our Army is a stand out. It operates gracefully under the leadership of elected governments – whether capable or otherwise.

    Unwarranted maligning attempts by some, which unfortunately includes one or two Blogs too, deeply hurts very many of us. Whether influenced by perverted ideology or driven by a mad urge to catch eye balls, it is very easy to say/write something or anything to tarnish an institution - usually backed by half-baked research or with focus restricted only to couple of stray incidents.

  2. @Telugu Bhavalu. I cannot but address you like that you are are disclosing your name!

    If media comes out with an analytical article and publish it as article and not as news item, it would be a good read and enlightening. But articles written based on rumours and conclusions based on prejudice are not at all good read but can be termed as calumny and diatribe.Unfortunately, there is no scope in our country to put a check to such paid news/articles.

  3. OOPS..!
    Very sad to know about the standards of Indian Media. Anyway, after going through this article, I strongly believe that this country requires military rule at least for 5-10 years. Only then people will realize the value of democracy. All the infection of the citizen's mentalities can be cured.
    Even though, it's a rumor, we can't deny the possibility. I don't know the exact statistics, but atleast 5-10 police/army personnel/officers per day, are being killed due to the unpatriotic policies of Delhi. The threats from China and Maoists are increasing day by day. On contrary, Delhi's diplomacy is not satisfactory. (Only successes of Diplomacy in recent years were, having tie-up with Japan against china and training-up Afghanistan's army against Pakistan by our army). Army people are also citizens of India and they too love their country,families and freedom. All their efforts were going into vein (example Kashmir) because of "Democratic" Politicians.

    I suppose, currently Indian youth feeling this as an alternative. May be that rumor is based that belief only. Moreover, fight between Army chief and GoI might given such idiotic conclusion by Media.

    Thank you Sivaram prasad garu..!

  4. @Vamanagita,

    Unfortunately, with you too I am unable to address by name. People wanting the Military to take over is not a new thing in India. Since long that longing has been there. As per the rumour mills of 1970s, Maneckshaw was supposed to take over power from Indira Gandhi. It did not happen.

    Indian Army imbibed all the good qualities of discipline from British Army which in fact created Indian Army in the last Century or the Century before that. Pakistan Army was an offshoot of Indian Army in 1947. But see the diference. So the versatility and discipline of our Indian Army was not entirely the legacy of Britishers, but belongs to the Sons of the land.

    I feel that no matter what we feel that the people want, we may not see Military taking over the country. But only the pliable news men raise such bogey to suit their sponsors.

  5. @sivaramaprasad garu.
    My Name is Salagrama Subramhanya Sarma.
    I don't prefer to write my name,as some part of it resembles the cast, which I came to know recently. I can't change it, as my parents won't accept. Moreover, I found/felt some disturbance/discrepancy in the mentalities of some bloggers. That's the reason why I am not keeping my name in blogger profile.

    Coming to the discussion, thanks for enlightening me with issues happened during 70s and 80s. So,

  6. సుబ్రహ్మణ్యం గారూ. మీ పేరు తెలిపినందుకు సంతోషం. ఎవరో ఏదో అనుకుంటారని మనం మన పేరు దాచేసుకోవాలిటండీ. ఎక్కడెక్కడివో విదేశీ ఇజాల మోజులో పడి స్టాలిన్ అనీ, లెనిన్ అని, అవి అయా మనుషుల ఇంటి పేర్లని, వాళ్ళ పేర్లు కాదని తెలియనంత ఇజాల పిచ్చిలో పడి, పిల్లలకు ఆ పేర్లు పెట్టుకోవట్లేదా కొంతమంది. మరి కొంతమంది, ఫలనా ఫలానా IAS, లేదా ఫలానా ఫలానా Professor అని పేర్లు గొప్పగా వ్రాసుకోవటం లేదా. ప్రస్తుతానికి వాళ్ళు చేస్తున్న పని వాళ్ళ పేరు లో భాగం చేసుకుంటున్నారు. అవి ఈ నాటి కులాలు. మీ పేరు మీ పూర్వీకుల ఆచార వ్యవహారలకు చెందినది. మీ పేరుతో శుభ్రంగా మీ అభిప్రాయాలను తెలియచేయండి. ఏమీ పరవాలేదు.


1. అజ్ఞాతంగా, వివరాలు లేని ప్రొఫైల్ తో వ్రాసే వ్యాఖ్యలు ప్రచురించబడవు.
2. దయచేసి వ్యాఖ్యలు తెలుగులో కాని ఆంగ్లంలో కాని వ్రాయగలరు
3. ఆంగ్ల లిపిలో వ్రాసిన తెలుగు వ్యాఖ్యలు చదవకుండానే తొలగించబడతాయి.
4. వ్యాఖ్యలు వ్యాసానికి సంబంధించి విశ్లేషణాత్మకంగా వ్రాయాలని వినతి.